Here are some websites you may find helpful in your journey towards health:

Shop naturally

  • A wonderful online store with natural products for everything from cleaning, beautifying to food 

Victorian farmers' markets Association 

  • A calender of all the great farmers markets in Victoria

Seasonal Food list

  • A list of what fruit and veg are currently in season - the best way to maximize nutrient content 

Bulk wholefoods - The Source

  • A great store with multiple locations to purchase nuts, seeds, grains, legumes and other household items

Healthy home - Building Biology

  • Information & resources for creating a healthy home - assessing and avoiding possible allergens and health hazards like molds, chemicals, heavy metals and electromagnetic fields 

Environmental Working Group - best / worst list of pesticides in food

  • Keep up to date with the list of best and worst foods to buy non-organic, the so called 'dirty dozen' and the 'clean fifteen'