Herbal medicine


Plants are the first oldest form of medicine and have been used for thousands of years. Herbs work in many different ways to assist the body heal and reduce a variety of symptoms. Both the ever increasing volume of scientific research and long history of traditional practises around the world indicate the therapeutic effects of herbal medicine. It may be prescribed as herbal tea, liquid tonic formulated for your specific needs, or herbal tablets.

Nutritional medicine

Good nutrition is essential for the health and function of every cell in our body, and therefore is fundamental in both preventing and treating diseases. Assessment of your nutritional status is needed to help determine the optimal dose of nutrients you may require. This may take into account many different factors including – your genetics, age, lifestyle, medication use, health and diet. Supplements are recommended if necessary.

Diet and lifestyle

A diet and lifestyle that supports your health is vital for wellbeing. Recommendations are made which reflect current scientific understanding and also your personal requirements and preferences. There is no one diet that suits everyone, so time will be spent discussing which options are most the most appropriate for you.



Pathology and functional testing may be recommended to assist in further understanding your health concerns. This may involve a referral to your GP or done directly with a naturopathic referral to a collection lab or via using specialised test kits.

Common tests include:

  • Nutritional reserves – vitamin D, iron studies, folate, vitamin B12
  • Digestive function – comprehensive digestive stool analysis which evaluates digestive breakdown and absorption of food, and the levels of different microflora present. Coeliac screening – antibody levels and genetic susceptibility
  • Energy production – organic acids indicate the cellular processes which may be disrupted in converting food we eat into energy for our body to use
  • Hormonal balance - many symptoms can be due to hormonal imbalances, and unfortunately an imbalance in one hormone tends to lead to others. Tests may evaluate reproductive hormones, stress hormones such as cortisol, blood glucose control eg insulin and thyroid hormones



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