In your initial consultation, a confidential and thorough case history is taken which includes your current, past and family medical history, as well as your diet and lifestyle. Additional information needed for assessment may also be gathered using techniques such as iridology, appropriate physical examinations, and referral for functional and/or pathology testing.

Once a comprehensive picture of your health issues has been established, a treatment plan is developed using the most effective nutritional / herbal supplements and practical changes to diet and lifestyle needed to bring you back to health. The treatment plan will focus on addressing the symptoms you are experiencing, as well as addressing the underlying cause(s) of the problem. As everyone is unique, your treatment plan is specifically tailored to reflect your health issues and lifestyle.

You should allow at least an hour for an initial consultation (and 45-50 minutes for follow ups).

Please note that patients under the age of 18 years are required to have a guardian present during the consultation.

Things to bring with you to your initial consultation:

  • Completed Patient Intake form – this can be downloaded from the website or collected from reception prior to your appointment
  • Current medications or supplements – please bring these with you (or take a photo of the ingredients)
  • Copy of previous test results (such as blood tests)
  • Any key details from your medical history